At Ben Adams Jewelers, we strive to make either finding or creating the diamond ring of your dreams an experience you’ll look forward to. It starts with us getting to know your likes, dislikes and your personal style. We have styles ranging from the classic to the popular right now - basically, every style you can imagine. And, if you don’t find it in our store, we can design it for you. We know the engagement ring decision is a big one, but we want you to know we are not here to overwhelm you, but to help you. It’s about taking the time to find what is right for you. And, that’s the kind of service you’ll find at our store. We’re a family owned and operated business and proud residents of San Antonio, too.

There’s nothing like getting engaged in San Antonio. Although you may know something about San Antonio’s roots as a Spanish mission, you may not know that we have been the fastest growing of the top ten largest cities in the US from 2000 to 2010. However, we’ve been a longtime staple, and in 2020 we’re celebrating our 50th year in business! In San Antonio, we love our Spurs and we all look forward to the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, one of the largest such events in the US. And, of course, we are proud to honor all of the men and women who defend our country at one of the numerous armed forces facilities in the area. 

Engagement Ring

Walk through our door. We guarantee the experience will be memorable and enjoyable. Because, we’re going to treat you like family. That’s our promise. So, let's begin the engagement ring adventure together!

Engagement Ring Process in San Antonio, TX


You may be wondering, “Is there really an engagement ring process?” With us, that answer is yes! So how does this process begin? There’s no question, it all starts with style. Our questions to you are, do you know your style? Do you like traditional, contemporary, or vintage looks? Do you lead an active lifestyle? Which precious metal is your favorite or the one you’re drawn to? Do you have photos or a Pinterest board you can share with us? Your answers will be instrumental in finding an engagement ring that is right for you. Whether heavier and more durable platinum, or gold in its rich colors of yellow, white or rose, we have hundreds of rings to choose from.

Custom Engagement Ring Process in San Antonio, TX


Purchasing a diamond engagement ring is one of the most important purchases you will have in your lifetime. It will be the one piece of jewelry you’ll be wearing every single day! So, it stands to reason that it’s important to purchase with a jeweler you can trust. Buying a diamond and an engagement ring can certainly be a daunting task. You’re in good hands with us, though, because you’ve found a jewelry store that will make the process easy and is one you can trust! Browse Engagement Rings here.


When you walk into our store, you’re going to notice we’re a little different. We think that’s a great thing! We don’t represent a long list of engagement ring designers because we are discriminating when it comes to quality. We prefer to work a little differently than many retail jewelers. For example, if you want a special diamond, we can talk about the many ways we can help you select the diamond of your dreams. You can begin your search here, or you can let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll find it for you. Otherwise, you can select from dozens of engagement rings, complete with center diamonds, in our cases or elect to have a one of a kind ring designed. If you have something specific in mind, well, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in custom design. Looking for something made exclusively for you and you alone? Let’s start that process. We are hands on and want to get to know you. 



The only limit is your imagination.

If there’s one thing you should know about Ben Adams Jewelers, it’s that we are the destination for all things pertaining to custom design. And, engagement rings are no exception. Yes, you can find some pretty unique settings right in our showcase. But, if you are looking to create something truly one of a kind, you’ve come to the right jewelry store! We can confidently tell you that a custom design is not necessarily more expensive than choosing a ring that’s in our case and ready to be worn. And, it’s not as complicated as you think, either. We have many years of experience, and we’re going to guide you through the process step by step. If you believe your love is like no other, then consider celebrating it with a ring like no other! 

Jewelry Creativity In Progress


Our Initial Meeting with You

Step One: Meet with one of our design specialists to start talking about your style and vision. At this meeting, you should bring anything from your family gemstones you would like to include in your design to pictures of rings you have seen. We’ll collaborate with you and will help you develop your design to make it uniquely yours. Let us know the size and shape of the diamond that appeals to you and the budget you have in mind.

The Option of a CAD

Once you and your Ben Adams Jewelers design specialist have agreed on the rendering, the process of developing a CAD begins. The CAD technology analyzes and modifies your design, shape, detail and texture. Adjustments are possible and any changes should be decided upon and made during this stage.

The Wax

A wax model allows you to see and feel your creation before the design is cast in the precious metal that is right for you. From this point, it only takes a short period of time  before your design is ready for you to enjoy and share with the world. 

Looking to get the process started? Send us a note and let’s begin!



Time to make a statement.

If you haven’t noticed, colored gemstones in engagement rings have made a huge comeback. Precious gemstones like sapphire, ruby, and emerald express individuality and are a departure from the ordinary.  Many fashion-savvy brides are opting for fancy colored diamonds ranging from white and the soft browns of champagne to vivid yellows, pinks and many other hues—all of which are rare and beautiful. There are also stunning sapphires, most known for their vivid blues, but available in an array of colors. Some say the trend re-emerged with Princess Diana and her blue sapphire engagement ring. Kate Middleton continued that tradition. In any case, making your statement in color could be an exciting alternative to a traditional white diamond. Want to know more about color? Check out this page of our website to learn more!


Colored Stone Engagement Rings


Engagement rings come in all sizes, shapes, and settings. And, you should always choose an engagement ring that speaks to you, whether or not it’s on-trend. As we know, trends do come and go over the years.  Today, these following styles and diamond shapes appear to be making a resurgence.

Oval Cut


We love round diamonds and they are by far the most brilliant. But oval diamonds are back in style and we love that they are. They have a flattering shape and can be worn both vertically and horizontally for a completely different look. They also have a vintage vibe, especially when paired with a simple band.

Rose Gold


Gold is by far the most popular precious metal in the US, but there’s something about rose gold that makes for a perfect setting. We especially love it when it’s mixed with yellow or white gold for a very unique look. It’s been trending for a few years now and is showing no signs of losing ground. Feminine and flattering, rose gold is romantic and becoming more common in many of our engagement ring lines.

Color Stone


We’ve been talking about it for a few years, ever since the Princess of Wales flashed her blue sapphire engagement ring! If you’re looking for a pop of color, you’ll be happy to hear that engagement rings featuring colored gemstones are totally in vogue. From subtle to striking, colored gemstones are sure to be a standout choice to switch up a classic engagement ring.

Pear Shape


Very big in the 1970s and making a quick comeback, pear-shaped diamonds and other gemstones in mixed metals scream modern and fashion-forward, especially when paired with rose gold or stunning halo settings.

Stackables B


Think one band won’t do? Then consider the newest trend: Stackable wedding bands. Look for these bands to complement nicely with “tiara” style bands that form half-halos around center stones. Hint: adding a different stack every year also makes this trend the perfect anniversary gift!

Three Stone Ring


Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement, this trend has seen a resurgence in popularity. Not new, (remember diamonds for your past, present and future?) you can choose three similar size diamonds, or one larger diamond with two-smaller diamonds flanking each side. After all, why have one diamond when you can have three?

Split Shanks


A split shank band looks stunning on any finger. What is it? It’s two bands running parallel to each other with a gemstone separating them. This style is both dramatic and classic. Your center diamond will look like it’s suspended while it sparkles.

Minimalist Round


Classic and will most likely be on-trend for quite some time, a simple band featuring a beautiful round diamond is for the bride-to-be who wants a style that’s pretty and not over the top.

LAB GROWN DIAMONDS Q&A – What you need to know.

You may have seen lab grown diamonds in the press. And, it’s important to understand the differences between purchasing a diamond created in a lab versus a natural diamond produced by Mother Nature. 

Want more education on lab grown diamonds? Visit this page



Wedding Bands



The ultimate expression of love.

The wedding band is a symbol dating back 5000 years to ancient Egypt when a couple exchanged ‘rings of love’ made of woven reeds or leather. Customs have changed a bit over the years, but the symbolism that wedding bands represent remains the same; love and commitment to one another. Many women choose a wedding band that matches their engagement ring, while others select or create a band that is unique or stand-alone.  Traditional metals of gold and platinum remain the most popular for men, yet contemporary metals such as tungsten, stainless steel or titanium are other options.  Whatever your taste – and budget – you can be sure to find a wedding band that’s a true expression of your love for each other.

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Start your journey.

We’re glad you’re starting your journey with us. And on our website, you’ll find several diamonds that will fit your style and your budget. But, don’t simply search our diamonds. Select a few you love and then stop in our store. A diamond is truly something you need to see in person. And, we promise to make this easy and comfortable. So go ahead and start with searching our inventory online and then feel free to contact us with any questions. We’re here to help. There are hundreds of loose diamonds, available to you, that can fit any style of engagement ring setting, and, most importantly, any budget. Start now to find the diamond of your dreams!

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We accept major credit cards for payment of your engagement rings, but if you prefer to finance your purchase, we have payment options you can bank on. At Ben Adams Jewelers, we’ve made it as easy as falling in love. Click here to check out our easy financing options and to contact us for more information. 

Ethically Sourced Logo

It’s important how and where it’s mined.

At Ben Adams Jewelers, our commitment to community extends beyond our local neighborhoods to the world stage. The diamonds we sell are guaranteed to be conflict free, which means no one has been compromised or hurt in any way in the acquisition of the diamonds. Many jewelry organizations and more than 75 countries have agreed to the Kimberley Process – a certification that requires each shipment of rough diamonds to be secured in a tamper-resistant container and accompanied by a government-validated certificate.  Any country declining to participate is barred from the international diamond trade. And, we’re proud to support these initiatives.